Water Damage Repair Is a Race Against Time Best Handled By the Pros

There are a lot of ways that your property can end up sustaining significant water damage. It could be a burst pipe or a leak in your roof that has led to water causing damage to the surfaces of your property and personal property items such as furniture. It could also be a natural disaster such as a stream or river overflowing its banks and flooding your property with standing water. These are just a few of the common scenarios that can lead to water damage at a home or business.

When water damage does occur, you immediately find yourself in a time-sensitive situation. The timer immediately starts to tick once you have had water damage occur. You must take swift action. Quick action will help you to reduce the extent of your losses. The problem is the fact that you are probably not trained in how to handle water damage effectively. This is where the services of trained water damage restoration professionals can come to your rescue. These highly trained and experienced contractors can respond quickly so that the issue is dealt with effectively. Quick action is essential when water damage occurs, and qualified repair professionals are the best contractors to call to handle the situation.

The Problem With Water Damage and Time

The simple and unfortunate fact is that water damage can occur rapidly once surfaces of your property are exposed to water. There are three primary time frames that you need to be aware of. These are:

  • The First 1 to 24 Hours
  • 48 Hours to 7 Days of Exposure
  • Water Damage That Is Left Unattended for More Than One Week

As short a time as a single hour can be enough to cause water damage. If the water is not removed quickly, the damage just continues to accumulate. Furniture can quickly begin to swell and then crack. Your property’s drywall can begin to bulge. All of this can take place within the first 24 hours of water exposure.

Once water damage goes unattended beyond the 48-hour mark and up to the first 7 days, the damage continues to become worse. It is common for mold and mildew to begin to grow across areas of your property. Flooring can start to warp and metal objects can begin to corrode. The risk of biohazard issues also grows during this time.

Once water damage had been left unaddressed for more than a week structural damage can begin to happen to your property and the risk of biohazard contamination grows to a level that can pose serious risks to your health.

All of these points demonstrate why rapid action is so important after water damage has occurred. The best solution is to hire a reliable team of water damage restoration pros that can quickly and effectively address the problem and get your property back to normal.

Key Benefits That Come From Hiring Qualified Water Damage Repair Pros

It is never an enviable position to find one’s self dealing with water damage from flooding or plumbing malfunctions. As has been discussed, acting quickly is essential when it does occur. Top repair contractors that deal with water damage can offer you a lot of key benefits. These benefits include:

Quick Repair Work

Water damage contractors can offer you rapid service that helps to minimize the damage that is done by water. The work that they do includes effectively removing all standing water and drying your entire property. These are some of the most essential steps in the process. They are key when it comes to stopping the damage from becoming worse. Once water is removed and everything is dry, they can perform restoration work to return your property to a normal state of affairs.

A Reduction in Your Financial Losses

Hiring professional repair experts for water damage will also help you to save money. These professionals can help you to save anything salvageable and they can do work that will minimize the structural damage that your property suffers. All of this will help you to reduce your overall financial losses.

Effective Mold Remediation Services

When water damage occurs, mold is a common thing that follows. Effective mold remediation services are another key benefit of hiring the pros to deal with water damage at your property. They can help to ensure that this health hazard is completely removed from your property.